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athlosoft LIVE

With the trial version you can record up to 5 exercise sessions. Afterwards, you can purchase athlosoft MOBILE and unlock the software with a license code. athlosoft LIVE tracking works only with the licensed version.

Expand your potential — Train SMART like the Pros

iStock_000006888121XSmall3athlosoft’s smartphone sport solution enables you to make the most out of your training and provides you with a new perspective into sports performance using today’s mobile communications and GPS technology. A wristwatch with 4 buttons and 1ยด000 functions is a thing of the past, athlosoft provides you with what todays technology has to offer -- covenience. athlosoft’s specially packaged solutions can:

make you more efficient and enable you to keep improving your performance based on quality training information.

capture and integrate all essential data about your body and your sports equipment, present it in a useful and practical manner on your Smartphone, and allow you to upload your training data with one click without the need for a PC or any other complicated synchronization.

maximize the use of your smartphone to fulfill your sport and training needs, andprovide your training data live on a web platform. Coaches, family and friends can share the experience of your training session in real time.

enhance the use of your data for indoor training equipments and make them easily available for further analysis by coaches or medical advisors to allow for continuous improvement.

Finally, athlosoft makes training sessions a more pleasant and fulfilling experience!


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